We consult with our clients to build effective organizations, innovate & grow, reduce costs, manage risk and leverage talent, from strategy through to delivery.

“Having Jonas as an investor, advisor, and mentor over the years has been a huge benefit towards the growth of our business and ourselves. Whenever we have a major decision to make, problem to work through, etc. we can count on Jonas to provide sound insights backed by his own experiences while ensuring it’s relatable to whatever situation we’re dealing with. His ability to deconstruct a complex problem and get to the root of whatever it may be has made him an invaluable asset for us as first-time founders.”
~Johnny Fayad, CEO & Co-Founder @ Eat Your Coffee

“Jonas has been an incredible resource to Door of Clubs. He helped us during our most critical time of exiting, connecting us to his deep and relevant network, while also providing valuable analysis on our business. He’s been a mentor and coach who knows the delicate balance of talking and listening. I couldn’t recommend him more highly as someone who will add value to your business. The more you get to know him, the more he’ll surprise you with his deep insights on business and life in general.”
~Pranam Lipinski, CEO & Co-Founder @ Door of Clubs

We had the pleasure of first working with Jonas several years ago and consider him a trusted advisor. I have come to deeply respect his insights. His strategy and mindset had an immediate, and positive, impact on our organization.”
~Eric Vaden, CEO & Co-Founder @ Karmory

“As a first time entrepreneur, it’s important to recognize how important (yet difficult) it is to balance external perspectives when establishing a baseline for your business. Jonas is someone who has an innate ability to connect the dots through his genuine approach, past experience, and extensive network. Jonas has provided me insurmountable value at every stage of our venture.” ~Alejandro Dubovoy, CEO @ Ethos Learning Center

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